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Gender at GIZ


Welcome Note

Gender equality is a guiding principle and quality feature of our work. It is an engine and key attribute of a future worth living around the world.

Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment feature prominently in the 2030 Agenda, the new European Consensus on Development and the OECD Global Forum on Development and the European Development Days in 2018. With its Coalition Agreement the new German Government, which took office in March 2018, firmly put its weight behind the promotion of gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Thanks to the GIZ-wide commitment, the Safeguards+Gender Management System introduced in 2016 and excellent submissions to the GIZ Gender Competition, we are well-positioned and equipped to actively contribute to the promotion of gender equality around the world.

Dirk Aßmann and Angela Langenkamp

New GIZ Gender Strategy

‚Gender reloaded: Vision needs Attitude – Attitude meets Action’ is the motto for GIZ’s new Gender Strategy, which was adopted by the Management Board on 18 December 2018.

Gender equality is a human right and its implementation unfortunately cannot be taken for granted, but has to be actively pursued. The Gender Strategy is intended to provide us with guidance at GIZ. It creates a binding framework for our actions – so that we play our part in ensuring that all people, irrespective of their gender, sexual orientation and gender identity, have the same opportunities and rights, and can also demand and exercise them.

Gender Strategy (pdf)

Gender Strategy (ppt)

The Gender Strategy sets a range of goals for GIZ, but does not specify the path to achieve them. GIZ internal operationalisation guidelines, accompanying the new strategy, give all organisational units, employees and staff a clear orientation and the opportunity to further customise the framework for themselves. The presentation attached provides insights how Jemen has approached this task at country level.

Gender Strategy – implementation – early mover – Jemen 2019

Interview Tanja Gönner, Chair of the GIZ Management Board

Gender Award Winners 2018

GIZ Gender Gateway - GIZ internal only

The Gender Gateway offers an overview and easy access to information as well as exchange platforms on a company-wide level.

IDA Gender Community - GIZ internal only

GIZ Colleagues, Register and become a member of the IDA Gender Network: join now!


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